Jul. 21st, 2010

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So many years ago, my dad and I made it to DragonCon twice- we haven't been able to go the last many years because it takes place on a three day weekend that we usually went down to Florida to my grandparent's house, because my grandma's birthday was around then. Since my grandma passed away late last year, it's been up in the air whether we'd be going down there or not. I've mostly been hoping we're not because I have some issues with my grandpa, but dad really wants to go to DragonCon. I wasn't really sure whether I wanted to go or not, because it costs, obviously, and I'd rather use the money to go to an anime convention, or something. And that's assuming I'll have any money at all! DragonCon is at the beginning of September, so I'd only have money if I get a job asap.

Buuut I just went on out of curiousity to see who was attending. And omgomgomg Jim Butcher is going to be there. The author of like my favorite series eveeer. Omg, and I own two of the latest novels in the Dresden Files, and I could get him to sign one of those... omg. :D If I have money, I am soooo in favor of going now. Ffff. PLUS. PLUS. When we were able to go all those years back, we were able to get the signatures of Teyla and Elizabeth's actors (from Stargate:Atlantis) but none of the guys were there. But I just saw that DAVID HEWLETT is going to be there this year! I didn't see the last couple seasons of SGA but I was hardcore into it for a year or two, and Rodney (David Hewlett's character) was by faaaar my favorite character. I still love Rodney. I probably would've gone back and finished the show (I was mostly watching online) if I hadn't been scared off by what I heard of his plotline later. I'd lovelovelove to get David Hewlett's autograph to go with my other SGA actors! *___*

Omg, after reading the rest of the list, this year's DragonCon is like an SGA meetup or something! Carson's actor, Ronon's actor, and Keller's actor are all here too!

*keels over* Michael Shanks is going to be there.

Oh gosh, it'd be pretty awesome if I got to go, haha. :) Only if I get a job, though! I'm working on it, heh. (Btw, I called the library as a ~follow up call, and he said that they still haven't decided, and that I'd be hearing soon- he could've been full of crap, but at least it wasn't a "NOPE WE DIDN'T HIRE YOOOU")


Day 06 - The best kiss?
Ummmm. As I said the other day, the majority of my pairings aren't canon. So. Hmm. Even het pairings I like usually aren't canon. Wow. Maybe something in a book seris? I truly can't think of one.

Day 06- Character who would probably be your rival
I don't waaant anyone to hate me! D: Can I cheat and say Aizen? :D? Insert other baddie here?
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I don't know how I feel :3

The library called today, and they want to offer me a job! I was like :DDDD. And then they told me that the only available timeslots. I'd have to work Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. That would mean both that I could never come home on the weekends, basically, and also it might interfere with ~stuff~ going on with friends/clubs/activities on Fridays and Saturdays.

So I told them I'd think about it and call back the next day, and I talked about it with my parents. My dad was all upset because he srsly wanted me to come home every weekend, the silly man that he is XD. But he eventually came around because he always wanted me to get this job because he thinks working in a library is the Perfect Job For Me. And mom was worried that, like I mentioned before, it might interfere with my social life. She was really hoping I'd develop more of a social life now that I live on campus XD.

Aaand then this led to an argument between my parents because they're upset that I can't just ~go without a job and focus on studies~ and they're blaming each other for our money problems. I headdesked. >_>

Buuut after thinking about it, I think I'm going to take it. I have no clue if another job will come along, and I really do need the money. So. :) At least I'm getting the job I wanted! And from what I understand, since everyone's schedules change every semester, there's a chance I could get at least a little better schedule next Spring. So. :)

I guess I'll call him back tommorow.


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