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[letter will be cleaned up within a couple days]

things i like:

first time/new relationship, PINING all the pining, poly and open relationships, competent people being competent and badass, plotty fic, missionfic/casefic, mysteries, canon divergence, complete AUs from coffee shop AUs to really outlandish ones, lots of UST, best friends turned lovers, slow build, hurt/comfort (including sickfic), kidfic (as in raising/taking care of kids, not deaging fic), characters adopt a rescue dog/animal, characters worrying about each other, characters supporting each other, dramatic revelations, people respecting each other, loyalty, families of choice, worldbuilding, banter, angst with a good ending, fixit fics


character death, break-up stories, underage, dubcon or noncon within the ship, infidelity, PWP, a/b/o played straight, mpreg, really unrealistic misunderstandings, overbearing possessive behavior, amnesia, love at first sight, extreme gore, public embarrassment, horror, darkfic, time travel, that trope where everyone snickers condescendingly at a character about how they are So Dumb to not realize how they feel about the other character + the Everyone Knows but them trope, etc etc (seriously I hate this trope S O M U C H), sad endings (but you can Ominously Foreshadow stuff), animal death

specific star wars things that make me cranky:

- qui-gon bashing

- extensive dwelling on how the prequel jedi Are The Worst, or whatever. they weren’t perfect and it didn’t work for everyone (see: anakin skywalker) but I have generally positive feelings for them as a whole and a lot of the way fandom talks about them makes me Tired. if you want to hear my thoughts/meta on this ask me but I won’t burden you with it here LOL. 

just nothing like and then [character] hears about [other character involved]’s death please.

i like any of these combinations because i think they all get along/would get a long really well and make a good team, fellow soldier-y types (whether fighting in the war or in the senate). i like partners/comrades in arms pairings.

the rest of this letter is going to be word-vomit aka i couldn't figure out how to say what i wanted to say in fewer words aka i couldn't stop talking. i was trying to give you an idea of what i like but idk if i succeeded.  i tried to give some specific prompts for some of them but i recommend reading through all of my letter and that'll give you an idea of the dynamics i like. tbh i will like anything you write as long as it doesn't hit my DNWs. all of these pairings need more love. :) <3




i like obi-wan/clone pairings because obi-wan needs a lot of hugs, and also i feel like the clones share a lot of similarities re: philosophies and priorities as the jedi. and obviously cody and rex also need a lot of hugas mentioned above, I like loyalty and trust, so the relationship between the Jedi and their clone commanders intrigues me. rex obviously spends a lot of time with obi-wan as well. i also think it’s interesting that before TCW the Jedi seem to mostly spend their time with their apprentice or their master, and interact with other people just for the space of the mission. now the Jedi are in responsible for all these clones that spend all their time with them for multiple years.  

could be moments stolen during TCW or a surprise reunion after ROTS, or a fixit fic!

obviously I prefer the chip version of the events of ROTS!

some prompt ideas:

·         during TCW time, Cody or Obi-Wan is captured/split apart from the group and the other has to save them

·         obi-wan realizing his feelings for cody are different than for the other clones, and how much he relies on and trusts in his commander

·         cody/obi-wan/rex comforting each other after something bad happened

·         cody/obi-wan/rex- two of them getting together, and the other one is sad/jealous, but they just didn’t realize he was interested!

·         cody/obi-wan/rex- they’ve been sleeping together for a while for comfort/we might die any day, but then fixit! the war ends- now obi-wan has to deal with whether it was just sex or feelings involved





i really also am intrigued by the dynamic between different clone commanders/clones that have authority/clones that are their jedi’s second in command. the situation with the clones is Complicated obviously, and they are in an interesting in-between position.  i think they probably commiserate together about the crazy things their jedi do and the hardships of leading fellow clones to their deaths.

possible prompt ideas:

·         anakin has one of his Ideas and cody thinks rex is dead for a time, and then when rex isn't dead, cody  ends up accidentally confessing his feelings

·         fixit fic for canon, cody and rex try to figure out life after the war and figure out it includes each other (could also be for cody/wolffe!!)

·         obi-wan and plo koon have a mission together and cody and wolffe get to know each other better


cody/bail organa

i got intrigued by this pairing because I like obi-wan/bail and obi-wan/cody, and cody and bail are both some of my favorite SW characters. I think the whole clone situation is interesting and complicated, and I wonder exactly what various Senators think of the clones. bail was uncomfortable with the creation of the army in the movies, and i think he would definitely be one to see the clones as people. i think that with bail’s friendship with obi-wan, he and cody could have met, and neither have the possible issue of the jedi philosophy to get in the way. the clones don’t have much chance to interact with civilians but people like bail or padme they would meet. what do they think of these civilians?

and THEN i realized that there’s also an interesting dynamic in that both of them are… there after ROTS. a lot of the other characters are fled or dead or, you know, Darth Vader, after ROTS, but bail goes back and pretends he isn’t a rebel. as I said in the other description, i go with the chip situation for the clones. it seems like it’s sort of canon that rex has left before this, and you can keep that or not, but cody obviously is still in the GAR. what does bail feel about the clones after the events of ROTS? when do they find out about the chip? once bail finds out about the chip, i can see him seeking out cody and trying to help him and the other clones, in whatever way he can. handle the chip and when it stops working/degrades however you want, obvs. if bail seeks out cody, how does that go? does bail eventually help get cody out of the GAR and to the rebels?

whatever you do, please treat breha with respect, have them have an open relationship. i didn’t want to include 87 really similar pairings that no one was probably offering, but for the record, I would also love cody/bail/rex, cody/bail/breha, or cody/bail/obi-wan. i, uh, definitely was the person that nominated cody/bail/rex/obi-wan, but that’s a lot of people for 1000 words, so.



i like this pairing because of similar reasons i gave for the previous clone pairings. they may not be commanders but they’re named clones and clearly in some authority. as with many people, their episode with numa is one of my favorites. i also like them because they are two distinct, somewhat different, personalities, one gruff (but caring) and one more openly caring, as seen in their interactions with numa. i’d love to see them figuring out they loved each other/confessing/getting together during TCW. two fun other scenarios could be them going back and seeing Numa again after a fixit-the-war-is-over-also-no-one-died and dealing with that, and also maybe in the process figuring out they love each other.

um, again i didn’t want to include every variation that probably no one was offering for, but if anyone wanted to do cody/boil/waxer, that would be fun, too. 212 represent!! 


qui-gon/mace windu

anakin and obi-wan have some… issues. other jedi don't necessarily have the same issues.

i loved and imprinted on Qui-Gon as a kid watching the phantom menace. I like obi-wan/qui-gon in really select situations, but i always wanted a pairing for qui-gon that was with someone a bit closer in age. i’m sure I’m not the only one that was intrigued by qui-gon/mace from suzukiblu’s Mace Windu Unfucks the Timeline verse. I’m not asking for the same dynamic as in that verse/meta necessarily, but I’m intrigued by their possible dynamic.

my favorite character in any fandom is usually the old-veteran-badass characters. so I’m intrigued by these two characters that are older than obi-wan and anakin and a lot of the other characters we see, and they have a long history before the clone wars and its complications. and they’re both very different and seem to have different philosophies on the Force. i think it might be really fun to see how they handle that in a relationship and still make it work. 

as said in the beginning, i don’t want anything SUPER focused on the “JEDI NO ATTACHMENTS AND SO THEY’RE HORRIBLE” stuff, so… could be ‘fondness + kind of fuckbuddies’, could be different jedi have different interpretations of that stipulation, as in ‘it’s okay to love someone, as long as you put the needs of the mission or the needs of the force first’.

could be pre-canon, could be fix-it. just no mace being sad because qui-gon is dead, etc.



i’m a prequels girl, but leia/han was, you know, one of those definitive pairings as a kid. i’m a 100% on board with those ace!Luke headcanons, but i also think it’s fun to come up with pairings for Luke too. as i got older I gained a lot more appreciation for luke. I think that wedge/luke really fits my like for soldiers-in-arms pairings, and they have a good difference in personality. i have a big love for rebellions and the inner workings story, so i’d be really intrigued by a story that takes place with them in between the lines during the movies, or how the rebels deal with everything after the Empire falls. it doesn’t have to be about that, i just think it’s an interesting backdrop for this relationship. what does Wedge know, what does Luke tell him?  how does Wedge feel about some of luke’s actions? do they take comfort in each other in between actions against the empire and missions?

i maybe shouldn’t have requested this because I haven’t read any of the EU involving rogue squadron, but i really like the idea of the pairing. if you want to include some EU stuff  that's fine!! just give a minimal explanation, i’m really good at picking up on that kind of stuff, i read fic in fandoms I don’t know all the time haha.


kit fisto/plo koon

similar to the reasons I like qui-gon/mace windu, i'm intrigued by this pairing because of the older veteran jedi together. on top of that I am intrigued by the alien thing! i DO NOT want PWP but that issue intrigues me, that they’re different alien species. there's probably a better way to phrase this but i'm not getting it now. i'm into exploring alien themes, basically. 

plo koon seems to be pretty “liberal”or whatever for a jedi, and obviously cares for his wolffe-pack, haha. neither one of them have quite the baggage that obi-wan and anakin have, for various reasons, and i can totally see them making a “we care about each other but won’t put each other before the mission/the Force” relationship work. in fact i think it would be really cute!

as mentioned before, i like good comrade in arms fic, working on a mission together, pining, loyalty and trust, etc. i could give specific prompts for this, but it would just be “ they work on a mission together and confess their feelings!!” etc.  if you pick this pairing, anything involving any of my likes would be a+. there’s just not enough of this pairing to even begin to start. anything would be great!!!


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