Jan. 23rd, 2009 03:07 pm
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BLARGH. My icon making skills have apparently decided to go on a vacation. I've made, like, 21 icons since my last post, and I'm happy with about five of them. FIVE. Wahh. Is it possible to have... icon-making block? Writer's block's cousin?! T_T *sighs* Then I got frusterated and decided to do a massive overhaul of my textures, changing how I categorize them and stuff. That took me hours and hours over this entire week. But I think it may have helped... Let's hope so. Either way, I'll probably be posting some icons this weekend, even if I'm not happy with them.

And then I can get to work on the icons I promised [ profile] doodlewithwords ...
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Just got back from a couple days out of town! Whew. Twas fun, but now I have a lot to catch up on. I have about three essays due in the next couple weeks. >_> I should probably be working on those. Instead, of course, I just stalked [ profile] texturize and downloaded some new textures, and now I'm having fun playing around with them! :)

Speaking of icons, I was looking through [ profile] ukitake_fans and saw that my icon post from a little while ago is the second to last entry. *sighs* Someone updaaaate, plzkthx? *loves on Ukitake* But still, yay to [ profile] prof_ryoki! Please keep writing! <3 I'm debating on whether I should join your RPG or not. It's been years since I've participated in an RPG, and those were original characters and not on ljay. Still, it'd probably be fun, once I got the hang of it! (Hopefully I could get it reasonably In Character... T_T)

Hmmm, there's also a bunch of emails I should answer...
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Why am I so shy? :(

Anyway, I've decided I'm actually going to start commenting on people's stories/fanarts and putting myself out there more. *determined* Heh. I'm also going to start posting more icons. Maybe someday I'll even post fanfiction!! ><

I have some Iron Man icons, but I'm going to wait until I make more before posting, I think. I'm making a batch of Ukitake icons at the moment. Hopefully in the next couple days I'll post a big multi-fandom icon post. I think I have some Death Note icons I never posted.

Oh yeah, so what did I do today? Hmmm. Slacked off mostly! Read back in [ profile] shun_uki and made some Bleach icons. Actually commented on some people's entries on some communities (cap_ironman, skull_boy_love). I was very proud of myself.  


Jan. 26th, 2008 03:40 pm
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Well, I guess I've just been lurking around livejournal. I've only posted, like, once in this journal. >< But soon I'd like to actually get into some fandoms, and it'd be pretty lame to have an empty journal. So I should probably start posting here.

So, this morning I was feeling sick so I didn't go to iceskating. The lesson is going to be a pain to reschedule! Since now I'll probably have to do it during the week. 

At the moment I'm procrastinating on work I should be doing, and instead am looking for screencaps I can use to make Bleach icons. Bad, bad, Rae!


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