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Title: Fiercely
Rating: PG, maybe slight PG-13, IDK.
Word Count: 800
Warnings: mention of blood/injuries, boy kissing
Characters: Ukitake, Renji, Ichigo, Unohana, Shunsui
Pairings: Renji/Ichigo, Ukitake/Shunsui
Notes: THIS IS FOR [livejournal.com profile] cmc42! I'm sorry I can't write fluff, this is the best I could do. <3333333333

Ukitake stirs, blinking sleep out of his eyes as a commotion outside the room wakes him. )
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Title: A Particular Type of Comfort
Rating: PG-13 / T
Word Count: 1,155
Characters: Ukitake, Shunsui, Ukitake's brain
Pairings: Ukitake/Shunsui
Note: This is more or less for [livejournal.com profile] nannete, for reasons that will become obvious as you read. xD
This, ah... totally ran away from me and went somewhere I didn't expect. xD I've never gone this detailed before. This is definitely [livejournal.com profile] orange_fuu's fault. *pokes her*
Anyway, uh. I hope it isn't too bad... *runs away*

He would always blame it all on the painkillers. )
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Title: Mistake
Rating: PG / K
Warnings: none
Word Count: 315
Characters: Unohana
Pairing: None
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] nannete <3333
Author's Note: I kind of like the idea behind this. Has anyone ever seen this done before? *curious*

This was no ordinary exhaustion; this was a bitter, bone deep weariness. )


Jun. 4th, 2009 01:57 pm
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They left me alone in the house. XD So I come bearing fic! The spoilers of this week's chapter inspired me to finally get around to finishing it up. This is my fabled hat!fic. *laughs* That in the end doesn't have much to do with Shunsui's hat at all. Oh well.

Title: The Beginning
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,011        FINALLY I PASS ONE THOUSAND! *GLEE*
Characters: Ukitake, Shunsui, Yamamoto, Aizen
Pairing: slight mention of Ukitake/Shunsui
Author's Note 1: Thanks oodles to [livejournal.com profile] marionetteblue3, who did beta work on this. Thank you so muuuuch! <33  I did go back and add some paragraphs in later, so there still might be mistakes... So if you see some, it's all my fault! 
A/N 2: This contains spoilers for and direct references to chapters 329, 335, and 355. You might not understand some of the important points and references in the fic unless you have read and remember the dialogue in those chapters.
A/N 3: This fic contains massive rambling speculation on character history and future events. The majority of the main ones were inspired at some point during discussion with VraieEsprit, so even though I know she doesn’t read fic, I just want her to know that THIS IS ALL HER FAULT.  <3

Ukitake Jyuushirou was afraid. )


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