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First of all, thanks everyone for commenting yesterday so quickly. <3It made me feel muuuch better. ILU~~

Anyway, so I was totally just stalking reading on Bleach Asylum because I'm an impatient obsessive fangirl looking to see if the spoilers were out yet (they weren't *droop*) so I wandered around and read some of the threads.

under a cut JUST INCASE there's SOMEONE on my flist that's not caught up with the chapters, doubt it, but... )

I have to run off to evil school now (I'm sure the spoilers will come up while I'm gone, too T_T) or you'd also hear a paragraph or two about the thread "Are Ukitake and Shunsui Overhyped?" or some such thing. >_> Let's just say this did NOT AT ALL help my ride on Vraie's Paranoia Express. (That's is the idea that Bad Things are going to happen to Shunsui and/or Jyuu, btw.) 


May. 13th, 2009 10:23 pm
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Oh cool, Rich Text is working for me today! XD


Chapter Discussion.... Contains Spoilers of Course! )
On another note, Satsu has fanned my ego enough that I'll probably post a fic within the next couple days. XD Also, I promise to start working on those requests! Tonight! XD
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Spoilers! )

In other news, I'm totally excited! XD I actually wrote three pages (on notebook paper...) today! *grins* This is my longest piece of work in a while, sadly. It's a weird one, though. I have come to the conclusion that I like to write emo!Jyuu. Whoops. XD

I like it, though. I'll probably end up posting it.
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Annie's spoilers are up at BA!

And because discussing spoilers is much more fun than studying for that final I'm going to fail tommorow...

Now we have more detailed spoilers! )


May. 1st, 2009 09:43 pm
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Wow, spoilers for the next chapter already!

Okay so... WTF? )
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Wow, I just realized I never did post that Bleach drabble I promised. XD *PHAIL* I'll try to do that soon.

On another Bleach related note- if the spoilers on [info]bleachness for this week's manga chapter are right, I'm going to KICK A BABY SOMETHING. REALLY HARD.


Possible Spoilers )

Am I crazy? Wait nevermind, I am. I mean, am I crazy for being annoyed at this? Just, ARGH. It would totally change things, and that's why I'm hoping it's not true. This early in the week, it still could be a fake!spoiler. *HOPES* But... [info]debbiechan believes them, and she's a BNF in the fandom, and knows everybody and who's trustworthy and stuff. *chews on nails* WATCH OUT BABIES

PS: This was pimped to me over on [info]muncle, i think, this new multifandom ficathon thingy is open for promps this week. Go check it out. I posted some prompts, you should too! Maybe then I'd know some of the other fandoms and maybe be able to participate, or even know some of the other fandoms. XD Hehe.



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