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So many years ago, my dad and I made it to DragonCon twice- we haven't been able to go the last many years because it takes place on a three day weekend that we usually went down to Florida to my grandparent's house, because my grandma's birthday was around then. Since my grandma passed away late last year, it's been up in the air whether we'd be going down there or not. I've mostly been hoping we're not because I have some issues with my grandpa, but dad really wants to go to DragonCon. I wasn't really sure whether I wanted to go or not, because it costs, obviously, and I'd rather use the money to go to an anime convention, or something. And that's assuming I'll have any money at all! DragonCon is at the beginning of September, so I'd only have money if I get a job asap.

Buuut I just went on out of curiousity to see who was attending. And omgomgomg Jim Butcher is going to be there. The author of like my favorite series eveeer. Omg, and I own two of the latest novels in the Dresden Files, and I could get him to sign one of those... omg. :D If I have money, I am soooo in favor of going now. Ffff. PLUS. PLUS. When we were able to go all those years back, we were able to get the signatures of Teyla and Elizabeth's actors (from Stargate:Atlantis) but none of the guys were there. But I just saw that DAVID HEWLETT is going to be there this year! I didn't see the last couple seasons of SGA but I was hardcore into it for a year or two, and Rodney (David Hewlett's character) was by faaaar my favorite character. I still love Rodney. I probably would've gone back and finished the show (I was mostly watching online) if I hadn't been scared off by what I heard of his plotline later. I'd lovelovelove to get David Hewlett's autograph to go with my other SGA actors! *___*

Omg, after reading the rest of the list, this year's DragonCon is like an SGA meetup or something! Carson's actor, Ronon's actor, and Keller's actor are all here too!

*keels over* Michael Shanks is going to be there.

Oh gosh, it'd be pretty awesome if I got to go, haha. :) Only if I get a job, though! I'm working on it, heh. (Btw, I called the library as a ~follow up call, and he said that they still haven't decided, and that I'd be hearing soon- he could've been full of crap, but at least it wasn't a "NOPE WE DIDN'T HIRE YOOOU")


Day 06 - The best kiss?
Ummmm. As I said the other day, the majority of my pairings aren't canon. So. Hmm. Even het pairings I like usually aren't canon. Wow. Maybe something in a book seris? I truly can't think of one.

Day 06- Character who would probably be your rival
I don't waaant anyone to hate me! D: Can I cheat and say Aizen? :D? Insert other baddie here?
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Sorry about my post before- I'm feeling a little better now. I've figured out a couple other things I can apply to, and applied to them. That made me feel a lot better, though I have little chance of getting them. At least I'm putting my resume out there! They're further out from what I was looking for, but at this point I don't think I can really be that picky. One was the food services, which everybody applies to, and since I'm not really interested in working in a kitchen, I had forgotten about it. But I figured I'd shoot my name in; it couldn't hurt! And a new job opening appeared just this evening! I was excited. Again, not really what I was hoping for, but it shouldn't be that bad. It's working at football games and other sporting events. Then I also applied to a posting that's "desired grade level" (as in year in school) was one year above mine, but it was for a basic office job that anyone could do, and I have some experience in it, so I figured why not try, eh?
I did find another posting just a liiiittle bit off campus that I think I'm interested in. It's a textbook store, so. I could handle that. If it was any further off campus I couldn't do it, but it's like right where the campus ends xD

So hopefully one of these will work out, or something else will come up. I was just frustrated earlier because I know that I would be pretty comfortable working at the bookstore; it's the kind of job that I was looking for. And I ruined it with a stupid mistake. Plus, I really don't know how many more jobs are going to pop up. But I'll just have to hold in there and hope I get something :) 

Now I've missed like three days of meme, so:  )
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I'm a fucking idiot. Obviously I don't deserve to get a job. I missed a fucking turn because I fail at driving and directions and I was five minutes late to the interview. Which was a group interview and had already started. So no interview for Rae. Because of one stupid turn.

I hate myself.

I should've gotten up earlier and left myself more time. But of course I was too lazy.


Excuse me while I throw myself off a cliff.

I can never do anything right.

The library people really should have called by now, so most likely I didn't get that job either. So. And there are no other job options on campus at this point.
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Off to my job interview! WISH ME LUCK!!


comment!fic fest

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So there's a whole bunch of comments I need to reply to, but I'll get to those tommorow, sorry! I've been out and about! Last night I went to a Star Trek partaay~ It was pretty fun for the first couple hours- we made plomeek soup and Romulan ale! Dorks FTW. But then some people who weren't Trek fans showed up and we lost track of the Trek theme. And there was weed involved, which I don't do. But it was all right :) I hadn't hung out with people IRL in a while, so yeah.

But that means I slept for most of today, and then did chores, so that's why I'm behind comments. I have a legit excuse this time, yay! Uh xD


One is that I have an interview at the "bookstore" at my Uni on Monday! I mean, I kind of feel like if I don't get the job at the library, then I won't get a job at the "bookstore", because if I don't get the job at the library it's because I don't have enough "customer service" experience, and the bookstore needs more of that then the library does, lol. BUT on the other hand, the interview for the library position was basically my first interview ever, and thinking back on it there are definitely things I would've said differently- or not said at all, lol. So maybe the fact I'm a little more prepared will help during this interview. IDK, but I really hope I get a job! *crosses fingers*
(Bookstore = general store)

Now the much more awesome news:


*dances forever* He's coming to Atlanta on tour in September, and my mom bought me tickets as an early early birthday present because she's awesome and she can't resist my pleading eyes! I'm so excited!! I'm actually usually not a big concert person- I mean, I like concerts, but I don't have a burning need to go to all my favorite band's/singer's concerts. But Adam is such a concert person! I'm sure it's going to be insane! :D SO EXCITED. OMGOMG. SEPTEMBER 15.

Oh yeah! I got a dreamwidth account a couple months back, but never did anything with it. But there's a comm only offered on dw that I wanted to stalk, so now I'm going to use it. Who has a DW account on my flist? My account is so lonely!!

And a couple days ago I made a twitter. IDK if I'm really going to use it that often, but we'll see. Anyone have a twitter and want to add me?

DW: ravens_rising
Twitter: ravensrising


Ohh, that reminds me. I've been AWOL from lj last couple days, and I see things about "everyone is changing their usernames!" because of the purging. TELL ME IF YOU'VE CHANGED YOURS. I always get confuuused when that happens. Pft.

... I think I need to sleep now. Yes. Sleep. 

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Well, the interview went okay, I guess. In some ways, better than I thought. As far as I behaved, anyway- a lot of the time when I'm around strangers, I get all quiet and can't think of anything to say. But that didn't happened today; we got off into a couple tangents, and my dad says that's a really good sign! Buut, like I was afraid of, they actually asked me at one point "Do you think you could handle this job, even though you don't have much customer experience?" I was like T__T. Most of my experience is shelving books/inventory stuff, not so much circulation desk. So, yeah. They really emphasized the whole "customer service" thing several times, which makes me nervous. :( Oh well. Hopefully I was friendly enough that it counter-acted that? IDK.
It'll probably depend on how many people applied.

Well, hopefully they liked me. If not, I'm sending out another application tommorow morning, to the university "bookstore" (more like a general store). I have one or two other options besides that, but the library one is the one I'm best suited for. We'll see. :3

To add more glee to my day, I had to move the money I keep in my room again. >__> Apparently my brother has been stealing my parent's money again. The only reason mine's not gone is because it was already in a little case with a combination lock. The combination is only one number, but still. But now it's also in a locked cabinet. My liiiiiiife.


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WISH ME LUUUUCK! I have an interview tommorow! For the job I really really wanted! Working in one of the libraries at my college! *nervous* I suck at people skills, I'm afraid I'm going to completely mess it up. Wahh. But I have a good resume and experience working in libraries, and my references are from when I worked at those libraries, and they liked me, so. I think as long as I'm not rude or say weird things I'm probably okay? It sounds like they're hiring a good number of people. So. Yeah. We'll see. If it doesn't work out there are a couple other places I can apply to on campus. But still, wish me luck. I want to get a job ASAP. 

Fandom stuffs: My bigbang has me tearing my hair out. I waver between liking it and thinking it's utter trash. And then sometimes I think well it'll be decent, but only if I write at my very best. Ugh. Hopefully I'll be able to beat it into shape. Or a beta will beat it into shape xD. We'll see. :3 (Have I ever mentioned what I'm doing for my BB? It's a nonmagic ShunUki AU.)

(... I need to write some canonverse ShunUki soon, lols. Hopefully in those springkink prompts I still haven't completed...)


These memes look fun, and like I could do most of the questions.

Two Memes- Day 01 )

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Well, it looks like I won't be blowing all my money on the auction after all- I don't have that much money to spend, and I'm being outbidded on several things. Lol. Oh well. :3 At least I pushed the bidding up, so the charities get more money~ :)

I love both gulf_aid_now and help_haiti and the whole idea behind them. I wish there was more comms like that. :) I'm tossing around the idea of maybe trying to set up a very small version-ish in the Bleach fandom at some point. But Bleach fandom is very unpredictable with turning out for contests/challenges? So idk. I was thinking just something that would give money to charities, not necessarily an auction. So that more people could participate- some of the auctions I've seen have gone up to 50+ dollars.
I was thinking perhaps there could be two options... people could offer to write/do whatever like in both of the comms above, or people could be all I'D PAY $5 FOR SOMEONE TO WRITE ICHIGO AND RENJI AS PIRATES! or something. IDK. Thoughts? Does this sound like it'd work or like I've spent all day shopping for my dorm and my brain has dribbled out my ears? 8D there's a lot of shit to fit in a dorm and omg I hate shopping.

Seriously, though, I've never lived anywhere besides my house and geez. My mom said it's basically like shopping for a small apartment XD It was kinda cool, though, in the way that it's helping drive in the fact that I'm going away from home! I don't even mean like my last entry; it's just exciting. Mmhmm. :) Nerve-wracking too.

I have a dentist appointment tommorow morning. Ew. I guess that means I should go to sleep now...
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So I had a pretty shitty last couple days. Epic family fights and just gah. I will never understand the insanity and obliviousness and asshole-ness that is my father and brother. But I'm not going to rant about it, because I'm giving up. *throws up hands* I'm going to college in a month and not coming back. More reason to finish those job apps.

ANYWAY. On the other hand, I totally just blew all the money I had left on [livejournal.com profile] gulf_aid_now. But that's a hell of a better cause than me, lol, and it made me feel better. *fistpump*

Also, I just realized what's missing off my too-watch/read list! Avatar: the Last Airbender xDD I'm just so used to being the one person ever who's never seen it that I forgot that I can see it now that I have my own laptop. Lol. XD /fails
(talking about the series, NOT the movie)

Also, I am still so behind on my bigbang fic. And all of my springkink prompts. Whoops. I WAS GONE ON VACATION FOR TWO WEEKS I'M SORRY I'M A SLOW WRITER WAH~

And [livejournal.com profile] spikykun and I totally didn't come up with a SPARTAAAAA!Bleach AU today. *shifty*

I'm sure there was 239523 things I wanted to say but I don't remember. It's almost 2 oclock in the morning and I need to finish what I'm writing before I go to sleep, so yeah. Ttly not crazy/hyper. /shuts up
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I spent all day busy and working on stuff, and I didn't have real free time until about 11 oclock. Spent the last 2ish hours replying to entries that I missed while I was away- and since I was away for two weeks I'm not even half way done. That's pretty fail xD So anyway if you see me randomly commenting on old stuff today or tommorow that's why.

I really should have spent the last couple hours writing, but... yeah, it didn't happen. *sighs* I fail. :3

Okay, so I need more recs xD I'm making my way through the books and music recs y'all gave me, but now I want anime/manga recs. I'm going to be living on campus this coming year and I hope to join the anime club now~ I went to my high school's one a couple times, but... I ended up not knowing what they were talking about most of the time, and they were really unorganized, so yeah. Anywaaay, I want to know what they're talking about this year! Plusss I want to know what my flist is talking about lol. :3 Pretty much all of my fandoms outside Bleach are non-anime/manga, so yeah. SO REC ME SOME PLZ.

If possible, I much prefer manga over anime. Much much much much. Buuut if it's only available as an anime- or for some reason the anime is better, which is rare- then I can watch an anime xD.
In general I prefer stuff that has action and plot and stuff, but I'm really in it for the awesome characters. But if its shoujo nothing with a lot of ~drama~ and ~backstabbing~ and ~cheating~ and yeah. :3
If it's something that has a fandom and fanfic, that would be really awesome :D

I'm trying to decide if I want to try to get back into One Piece and Naruto, since they're the ones that more people would know, lol. Buuut Naruto never interested me. I've read at least 50 chapters of both, and I really never liked Naruto, Sakura, or Sasuke. :3 I did like Kakashi, though xD But I'm not sure it'd be worth it to go through so many chapters when I don't really like the three main characters? Even though I probably would like some of the side characters. Still. Idk.

One Piece characters I do like, a lot, but I'm like... 500 chapters behind, omg. /scared

I'm thinking about repicking up Reborn too. It sounds like there'd be characters that I'd really like, and the fandoms really large, buuut I'm not all that fond of stuff that's this side of cracky. I like srs bznz? :3 But I probably will end up reading it.

The two other things I've been hearing about lately on my flist are Durarara!! I don't know anything about what it's about, but it seems like the ~new thing~ so I might check it out. *looks at wikipedia* Ahh action~ Sounds good.

I'm also thinking about reading Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, even though that's not a manga, but lots of people seem to be loving it these days, so yesh.

Ohohoh I almost forgot! I'd love you forever if you pointed me toward any good shounen-ai/yaoi manga/anime that I can find on the web. Anything with plot and action would be omg so amazing omg, but there's very few with that. I love FAKE and Yellow though <3. But regular romance is awesome too, when it's shounen-ai/yaoi, lol I'm so biased. I'd prefer it not to be too girly-weepy-uke- I want boys, please, but if it's not too pathetic I can deal xD And um, please nothing with a really depressing ending?

Yesh, I need to shut up now. And go to sleep. Yeah.


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Well, I'm back in town! Not much too say. As I suspected, I didn't get much writing done on the drive back. Oh well. And today is busy so I don't know if I'll get much done today either. Oh well, I'll squeeze some in. ^^

I haven't done one of these since March~

Who comments the most on this journal? )
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*sulks* We're driving back home tommorow, and I was all set to do a bunch of writing on the drive. Unfortunately, I developed a cold this afternoon :( It's really hard to think while you have a cold, let alone write! Wah, oh well.

In related news, I've posted some of my offerings for gulf_aid_now.

I'm auctioning 5 double drabbles OR two ficlets ~500 words each, with the options of Bleach - (any pairing imaginable), Dresden Files (book or TV show) - (Harry/Bob, possibly others), Good Omens - (Aziraphale/Crowley), Harry Potter - (Sirius/Remus, Draco/Hary, Snape/Harry, Snape/Remus, Snape/Lucius, possibly others), Magic Knight Rayearth - (Clef/Umi, possibly others), Man from U.N.C.L.E - (Napoleon/Illya), Marvel Comics - (Steve/Tony), NCIS - (Gibbs/Tony), Sherlock Holmes - (Sherlock/Watson), Star Trek: TOS - (Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Spock/Bones), or Stargate Atlantis - (John/Rodney). This auction can be found here.

I'm auctioning a ~1,000 word ficlet with the options of Bleach - (any pairing imaginable), Good Omens- (Aziraphale/Crowley), Harry Potter (Sirius/Remus, Draco/Hary, Snape/Harry, Snape/Lucius, possibly others), Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock/Watson), or Star Trek: TOS (Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Spock/Bones). This auction can be found here.

And I'm also auctioning a ~5,000 word Shunsui/Ukitake fic. This auction can be found here.

I highly doubt anyone will bid, LOL, especially on that third one, but I figure I should at least try, hmm? 

Anyway, hopefully I'll manage to go *some* writing done tommorow, even with the cold.

*goes to sleep*

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Hey all~ I'm still on hiatus, but I'm at my grandpa's house now, so I do have limited internet access. Dial-up, yuck.

I'm mostly lurking with the little time I have, but there was something I had to make an entry about.


[livejournal.com profile] gulf_aid_now! It's a fandom related auction. People offer all kinds of things including fanfic, original fiction, poetry, AMVs, fanmixes, podfics, food, icons, banners, layouts, other graphics, hand-made crafts, fanart, original art, and miscellanious stuff is also accepted. People bid on what's being offered, and the highest bidder pays that amount to a charity that is aiding in the gulf spill.

I'll be putting several things up for auction. They'll be up within the next couple days; I'd put them up now except I want to make sure I'll actually be able to follow through on one of them. Not that anyone would be interested in my stuff :P

I'll definitely be bidding on stuff too :)

So go check out to community! I'm sure many of you could find something to offer, or something to bid on! And if you can't, at least advertise the comm on your journal, please. <3 Not many people know about the comm, so it needs all the pimping it can get!


Jun. 12th, 2010 11:45 am
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Haha, this is fun! I'm on my iTouch on wireless in a hotel *g* Anyway:


Going on a cruuuise~~

So I'll be gone for about a week, except for a couple minutes here and there. The week after that I'll be at my grandpa's house, and will mostly only be on late at night because he has dial-up.

So yes, hiatus. :D *waves* Funfunfun!

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Jun. 9th, 2010 09:17 pm
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Omg, that took forever. In case you haven't heard, html is EVIL. EVIL, I SAY!

You can find it over on [livejournal.com profile] spikykun & I's writing comm, [livejournal.com profile] ninjasofawesome .

Light For The Deadvine (Cowboy Chronicles: Book One)
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] spikykun & [livejournal.com profile] ravens_rising 
Betas: [livejournal.com profile] rii_no_ame & [livejournal.com profile] cmc42  ♥
Pairing:  Ukitake/Shunsui, slight hint of Ichigo/Renji near the end
Characters: Ukitake, Shunsui, Ichigo, Aizen, Rukia, Renji, Isshin, Nanao, Starrk, Vega, various Arrancar, the Shiba, Byakuya
Rating:  PG-13.
Warning: violence, use of firearms, erotic dreams, cowboy hats.
Word Count: 29,000 words.
Summary: It's the Wild West, and for the past five years, Shunsui Kyouraku, saloon owner and former vigilante, has been trying to stay away from trouble and lead a quiet life. When the cowboy Jyuushirou Ukitake, Shunsui's former partner, returns to the Rose-Colored Path Saloon asking for help, Shunsui knows trouble is right around the corner. Complicated emotions linger between the two men, and they discover that their new quest may be their most difficult in more ways than one.

Index post (with beautiful art!) is here.
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So I'm going to be out of town for two weeks starting this Friday. I need recs! Music recs and book recs.

As far as music goes, in general I go for pop & rock. But I've found songs I like in all genres.

As far as books go- plot, please? I like scifi, fantasy, mystery... anything that's not just romance. Unless it's a gay romance! /biased like woah

Rec, pleease!

And does anyone happen to know about how many characters/words will fit into an entry? Cowboys fic goes up tommorow, omg!! It is at the moment ~28,000 words, so yeah. :D I'm so excited!!

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I've been really bad about answering comments/replying to entries lately. :3 Sorry. ^^ I was/am in that stage where you discover a new fandom and imerse yourself in the fic. And this fandom happens to have a lot of longfic, lol. I never was a RPF person; most of the friends I know IRL that read fic are into bandom, and that was never my thing. And I never got the actor thing either, except for a few Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry fic back when I was into Jeeves & Wooster. *laughs* But I've dabbled in American Idol fic on and off. Before it was Simon/Ryan and Simon/Paula, this time it was Cook/Archuleta and Kris/Allen *g*. I started with Cook/Archuleta because that was the season I actually watched, but a lot of Cookleta fans are Kris/Adam too, and I got completely sucked in. I regret not watching Season 8 so much. I have so much love for Adam Lambert now :D And Kris is pretty awesome too.

And if you don't know who Adam Lambert is, he's the runner up in American Idol's 8th season, and he's the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in America. I'd love him anyway, but that little fact makes me want to actually buy his album just to support him. ^^;; I know, I'm biased. *laughs*

I absolutely love this music video of his, because he's adorable and sexy, and his other music video For Your Entertainment is pretty awesome too. My favorite song of his at the moment is Pick U Up, though. Guh. :) It's much better than the silly title, I promise. xD Well in my opinion anyway lol.
Kris Allen's music video is good too, and I love that song. :)

Why yes, I am pimping :D /shuts up now if you want I can link you to a Kris/Adam fandom primer

The rest of the time I've been working on finishing up the Cowboy fic *g*. It's actually technically finished, like, the scenes are all there. There are just a couple that need editing/rewriting. But the fact that it's all written is insane. *___* The posting date is next Wednesday, if anyone is interested. I'm kind of curious about the reaction it's going to get. The ShunUki fandom in general isn't fond of AUs, and this is very, very, very AU. And angsty. And probably confusing because it jumps around from the past to the present. So yeah. I enjoyed writing it, very much, and I'm at the point I don't really care if people read it or not, but yeah. I'm curious. *laughs* The fandom might be desperate for longfic and read it anyway. ^^;; It's over 26,000 words, btw, isn't that crazy? Fff. *_*

Also, I've been working on the graphics I signed up to do for au_bigbang too, and I was this close to chucking my computer out the window this morning because nothing looks right. T__T =/ Ah well. I still have a couple days to figure it out!

Okay, okay, real life stuff. I went to a couple end of the school year parties in the last week. They were okay, but I'm really not a party person xD. I end up attaching myself to one person and we talk the whole party, lol. But they were pretty nice. :) It was good to see some people I don't get to see that much. 

Tonight my mom and I went shopping for clothes for summer/vacation. End of next week we leave for a cruise :DDDDDD We were actually really productive. My mom and I both hate shopping xD We ended up finding more then half of the stuff we were looking for. We're going to go out again on Sunday, but we got more done than we thought we would. I'm extremely short and freakishly skinny, and so its hard to find things my size. And my mom is your average middle aged lady, she was so surprised we actually managed to find several shorts/capris that didn't "make her look fat". So yeah. It was good. And then we had Zaxbys for dinner! :D Nomnom.

Oh yeah! And I think possibly I have a vague idea for bleachbigbang finally, lol. *pleased* It's another AU, though. That's like three AUs I have going at once, lol. I need to prod at some of my canon based ideas at some point. I have a couple, just they're either not inspiring me at the moment, or they involve too much plot, which means with how busy I am I'd never finish in time for the deadline. So yeah.

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Nothing artistic is working for me today :(

I was trying to edit/expand scenes in Cowboys fic, but the muses didn't cooperate. Then I was trying to work on graphics for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang  and nothing looks right. T____T

Wahh stupid muses. Come back!
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So after much hair pulling, I finally managed to trim my springkink prompt list of 37 down to 21. *laughs* Somehow I doubt I'll manage to get all of them done, but this is the summer for me. No school and I don't have a job. So yeah. xD

I'm posting this if people were curious, and also as an easy way to check for myself. Important- Bold are the prompts I actually claimed. Italics are prompts that I might claim closer to the date if I get inspired.


Springkink Prompts I Claimed )



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